Health & Wellness

Testosterone Injections

Men, are you suffering from decreased energy, mood changes, weight gain, and other symptoms of low testosterone? OnPointe Care offers testosterone injection treatments for men who need that extra boost in their life again. Whether it is for physical improvement or relationship problems, call us to learn how a testosterone injection can help you boost your lifestyle.

Weight Loss Plans/Medication

Are struggling with your weight and feeling overwhelmed with getting it under control? Are you ready to make a lifestyle change to insure a healthier you in the future? OnPointe Care has the tools to help you bring that desired weight into reality. We offer a variety of weight loss treatments and our healthcare professionals can provide you with a personalized plan to get you slimmed down and feeling great! Make an appointment today to find out how we can help you in your journey to healthy weight management.

B-12 Injections

Running low on energy? Feeling like you need a boost? A B-12 Injections may be just what the doctor ordered! B-12 injections benefit your overall health by providing a supplement of vitamins that give you additional energy. The added energy can help you lead a more active lifestyle, helping you to burn away more calories. Call us today to learn more on how B-12 injections may help in your healthcare journey.

Hydration Therapy

Many people suffer from dehydration, and not just in the summer when heat is at its highest. If you struggle with dehydration and are looking for ways to help management it, Hydration Therapy may be right for you! Hydration Therapy can treat dehydration as well as a number of other conditions related to it. Call our office to speak to a healthcare specialist about this service or click here.