Most Effective Ways to Prevent Heart Disease

Heart Diseases are one of the most prevalent diseases all around the world. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), they are ranked as the number one killer of the human population. In 2019, a rise from 2 million

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Pollen in Memphis

Pollen in Memphis Pollen is one of the most common causes of allergic reactions in people all over the world. According to research, Memphis has been ranked 4th worst city for allergies. The Spring season is the time when pollen allergies are at an all-time high in

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Benefits Of Keeping A Healthy Profile

Benefits Of Keeping A Healthy Profile Staying fit and keeping an active lifestyle can help you stay healthy and help keep yourself in shape. While exercising can help keep the muscles in their best shape, the heart needs to be in optimal condition as well for you

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Pssst, have you heard? Our name is changing to OnPointe Care!

We are excited to announce that Mid-South Urgent Care is becoming OnPointe Care! The name itself, OnPointe Care, clearly mirrors the quality care that we provide and our commitment to deliver “on point” medical care to our patients at every visit. While we will continue to provide urgent care services, our newRead more